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Gonzalez Protocol®

For a favourable result

The protocol is given by Dr. Sarper Diler who is Certified in The Gonzalez Protocol® by The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation. As developed by Nicholas Gonzalez M.D., The Gonzalez Protocol® offers a customized nutritional enzyme protocol of diet, supplements and detoxification for natural approach to cancer, other degenerative diseases as well as general wellness and prevention. For a favourable result, all three of these pillars are necessary.

Recovery Boosting Programs

The protocol is given by Dr. Sarper Diler who is Certified in The Gonzalez Protocol® by The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation. As developed by Nicholas Gonzalez M.D., The Gonzalez Protocol® offers a customized nutritional enzyme protocol of diet, supplements and detoxification for natural approach to cancer, other degenerative diseases as well as general wellness and prevention. For a successful outcome, all three of these pillars are necessary.


The diets we prescribe are truly personalised and vary from patient to patient, ranging from vegetarian to carnivore type diets and several others in between. All patients must consume organic foods, fresh vegetable juices, and stop processed foods, coffee and alcohol.  Meals should be prepared fresh each day and pre-packaged foods are prohibited.


The supplements we prescribe are also truly personalised depending on individual metabolic type, autonomic dominance much different than those offered by others. Each person is unique like the fingerprints and even same cancers are handled differently in each patient. The prescribed supplements include a variety of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and animal glandular concentrates.

Overall, cancer patients will consume 150-200 capsules a day, including nutrients as well as glandular products. Some doses are taken with meals; some to be taken an hour or more away from any food, and some are taken in the middle of the night. We also accept non-cancer patients (chronic neurodegenerative, autoimmune diseases and others) click here more about diseases and they might consume in the range of 80-100 capsules a day.


Shrinking of tumors, removal of diseased cells and toxins  are considered as part of the healing process may develop muscle aches and pains, malaise, or other “flu-like” symptoms. We prescribe again truly personalized detoxification routines to enhance liver function and in turn, the processing and excretion of metabolic wastes

Before You Get An Appointment

Before appointments are set up, we want to make sure that you understand the program and that you have thought through your options. We then ask that you send information about your situation to Ovital Institute® to review. You will not be charged for reviewing your material.

Here are the steps everyone must follow:

Step 1: Understanding The Gonzalez Protocol®

  • Are you familiar with what is involved in this rigorous protocol? If you aren’t, then please click here review the material from The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation to learn more..
  • If you looking for testimonials or case reports? Click here
  • For free videos and recordings? Click here
  • For Dr Nicholas Gonzalez’s books? Click here

Step 2: Gather your Medical records

If you are a cancer patient or a chronic patient we suggest that you see an oncologist and your specialist doctor and or primary care physician to review your options for protocol and their effectiveness. You may wish to review the National Cancer Institute’s cancer information click here, for UK cancer and protoco rates click here and for  European statistics click here

 For legal and ethical reasons, we cannot take the responsibility of advising any patient about whether or not  to receive chemotherapy, radiation or any immunosuppressive protoco for your disease. In our experience patients who combine more than one approach do not get the full benefit of any of the programs. You are welcome to apply once you have finished. Patients need to make their own decisions based on the merits of those therapies.

Step 3: Send Documents and Information

Not everybody is eligible to get The Gonzalez Protocol®. We need to have full picture of your medical status to clearly evaluate whether you can benefit from this rigorous protocol.

You need to write us a letter.

Write down a description of your illness or the problem for which you want help in your own words.

Please write as if you are telling your story, rather than as an outline—this helps us get a better understanding of your situation.

We suggest that the patient be the one to write this letter, since this gives us more accurate information. Feel free to add any side letters from the immediate family members and/or the primary caregiver in charge of the patient. It also allows us to be sure that the patient, the family and  all who take care of the patient understand the high degree of motivation and commitment the program demands

Along with your letter, please include available copies of relevant medical records, biopsy results, recent blood work results, most recent CT or MRI written reports, operative reports, etc. If you do not have immediate access to all of your medical records, go ahead and send your written description of your problem. If and when an appointment is scheduled, we would appreciate your bringing all relevant records. Please do not send discs of CT scans or MRIs; we prefer the written reports from the radiologist. The material you send will not be returned.

Ovital Institute® experts and then Prof Diler will  personally review your files. There is no charge for the pre-appointment review of your submission.

Please include the following information  in your letter

  • Patient’s name, date of birth and age
  • Address, telephone number, email address, and fax number if any
  • How you heard about The Gonzalez Protocol®
  • Any prior interest in nutrition (such an interest is not required to become a patient)
  • The type of illness, date it was diagnosed, extent of disease, recurrences
  • Dates and kinds of previous protocol
  • Current treatment recommendations
  • Other protocol being considered
  • Attitudes about current physicians
  • How disease has affected daily life and activities, ability to work
  • Any other significant health problems, past or present
  • All prescription medications
  • Height and weight; recent weight gain or loss; problems with appetite or reduced food intake
  • Difficulties eating or swallowing capsules
  • History of smoking or alcohol use
  • Support system—family, friends, spiritual
  • Who lives with patient, and relationship with person(s) in home
  • Reason for wanting an appointment in this office (a brief statement of a couple of sentences is fine)
  • Include the best times over the next 48 hours when you can receive a phone call from our team. Please also mention your time zone. Our working hours are Monday-, Friday 9:30am-3:00pm(GMT).

Step 4: Ovital Institute® will call you

Please do not come by the office without an appointment. Submitting your information does not create a doctor-patient relationship; this is not established until a protocol plan your customized  protocol is begun.

Our team will review information about prospective patients within 2 working days. Because of time limitations, Prof Diler is unable to speak with  all prospective patients.

If we think you are a good candidate for The Gonzalez Protocol® one of our staff members will  reach out to you and organize  a meeting (either online or in person) in one of our offices in London, Brussels or Istanbul.

Our hours of operation are Monday-, Friday 9:30am-3:00pm (GMT). We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.


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