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Polyatomic Liquid Oxygen (PLO)

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Polyatomic Liquid Oxygen (PLO)

OPL (Oxygen polyatomic liquid) technology was invented by Professor Giovanni Barco in 1996 and is an oxidative therapy. It received its pharmacological basis from the action of molecular oxygen species, providing homeostatic regulation of cellular oxidation-reduction reactions, the production of radicals in order to modulate mitochondrial pathways that produce cellular energy.

This is a kind of of oxidative therapy, which is based on the intravenous administration of free radicals in an aqueous solution of superoxide paramagnetic anion. The therapy returns vital energy levels to its healthy level and healing reactions in cells in cells reactivated which occur with abnormalities under conditions of chronic diseases and cancer.

(O2-). OPL can reach areas of tissue that are not normally washed by arterial blood, activating mitochondrial oxidative systems, usually involved in energy production, which are significantly slowed down in special pathological conditions or with simple aging. Oxygen used in OPL has a triplet state 3О2 (3Σg-) – singlet oxygen.

Barco, G.. (2007). A case of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma non-responsive to usual therapy and treatment with continuous central venous liquid polyatomic oxygen and temozolomide. International Journal of Ozone Therapy. 6. 157-161.

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