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Sarper Diler

Prof Dr Sarper Diler

(M.D.,PhD, CHTC, D-Hom, IO)

Faculty Member 
Istanbul University Istanbul Medical Faculty, TURKEY
Specialist on Cancer Coaching
 Microbiome-Cancer & Diet, USA
International Hematopoeitic Stemcell Transplantation Coordinator of NMDP, USA
Lymphoma Coalition- Sec Gen, Board of Directors, CANADA
BIRKANKO-Turkish Cancer Coalition- Board of Directors, TURKEY
INSPIRE2LIVE COVID-19 Cancer  Working Group Chair The NETHERLANDS

Founder of Ovital Institute

Certified Doctor in The Gonzalez Protocol®

Chair -The Gonzalez Foundation- Scientific Ad Board



1984 -Tarsus American High School

1991 -İstanbul Medical Faculty, Universite de Paris 7 Hopital Fernand Widal – (M. D.)

1998 -Lund University Faculty of Medicine – (PhD)

2001 -Istanbul University Medical Faculty-  (Assoc. Prof.)

2004-US National Marrow Donor Program-CHTC-Internatioanal CertifiedHematopoietic Transplantation Coordinator

2013- Universite de Paris 7 Hopital Fernand Widal-  (Professor)

2016- University of Colorado Boulder- Microbiome

2019- University of Arizona – Cancer Coaching and Nutrition

2020- The Gonzalez Foundation- Integrative Internal Medicine

2021- Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center – Integrative Oncology





 French, English, Turkish



Positions and Duties


  • International Hematopoietic stemcell transplant coordinator of NMDP, USA( 2004-..)
  • Istanbul Medical Faculty, Bone Marrow Bank- Transplant Coordinator-Executive 1999-2009
  • Universite Paris 7 Integrative Oncology Department- Staff Professor 2018- ..  )
  • European School of Homeopathy Homeopathy Advanced Homeopathy Academic(2020-2021)
  • International Lymphoma Coalition- Board Of Directors (2010-  .. )
  • INSPIRE2LIVE COVID-19 Cancer  Working Group Chair (2019-..)
  • The Gonzalez Foundation Scientific Committee Chair(2021-..)


Scientific Society Memberships



  • European Federation of Immunogenetics -EFI
  • Ordre Medical Conseil Regional Il de France
  • American Society of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics – ASHI
  • New York Academy of Sciences- NYAS
  • London College of Homeopathy- LCH
  • European Committee of Homeopathy- ECH
  • The Gonzalez Foundation- SAB
  • Bone Marrow Donor Worldwide- BMDW
  • World Marrow Donor Association- WMDA



Recent Prominent Publications of Prof Diler



  1. Arnais -Villena A., Carin M.,Bendikuze N, Gomez-Casado E., Moscosa.J,Oguz FS., Sarper Diler A, De   Pacho A., J.Guillen  J M Laso (2001). HLA alleles and haplotypes in Turkish population: relatedness to Kurds, Armanians and other Mediterraneans. Tissue Antigens 57(4):308-17.
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  3. Dorak MT, Oguz FS, Yalman N., Diler AS, Kalayoğlu S, Anak S, Sargın D, Çarin M. (2002). A male specific increase in the HLA-DRB4 (DR53) frequency in high- risk childhood ALL. Leuk. Res 26 (7):651-6 
  4. Oguz FS, Yalman N., Diler AS., Oguz R., Anak S.,Çarin M. (2002). HLA-DRB1*15 and pediatric aplastic anemia Haematologica 87(7):772-4.
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  7. Zur Stadt U, Schmidt S, Kasper B, Beutel K, Diler AS, Henter JI, Kabisch H, Schneppenheim R, Nurnberg P, Janka G, Hennies HC (2005).Linkage of familial hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (FHL) type-4 to chromosome 6q24 and identification of mutations in syntaxin 11.
    Hum Mol Genet;14(6):827-34..
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  11. Diler, AS., Uzüm, G., Akgün Dar, K., Aksu, U., Atukeren, P., & Ziylan, Y. Z. (2007). Sex differences in modulating blood brain barrier permeability by NO in pentylenetetrazol-induced epileptic seizures. Life sciences80(14), 1274–1281.
  12. Middleton, D., Diler, AS., Meenagh, A., Sleator, C., & Gourraud, P. A. (2009). Killer immunoglobulin-like receptors (KIR2DL2 and/or KIR2DS2) in presence of their ligand (HLA-C1 group) protect against chronic myeloid leukaemia. Tissue antigens73(6), 553–560.
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